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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations for Stand Construction

Observance of Rules and Regulations

Exhibitors are responsible for their contractor’s observance of all rules and regulations, and are liable for any damages arising directly or indirectly from any infringement.


All workers employed in the construction of the stand must wear identification badges provided by the Hall owner, I.C.E Hanoi at all times when they are in the exhibition halls. Personnel without proper badges will be refused entry into the exhibition halls. Please refer to Form 15 for Contractor’s Badges.

Removal of Rubbish

During the build-up period, exhibitors and their contractors will be responsible for day-to-day removal of debris (i.e. empty paint cans, lumber scraps, etc.). Failure to do so will result in the exhibitors being liable for the service fees involved in removing the debris.

Building Regulations

Detailed drawings of stands must be submitted to the Organiser by the stipulated deadline for the approval of the relevant government authorities and the Organiser to ensure that the interests of all exhibitors are observed.

The exhibiting company and their appointed contractor(s) shall ensure the structural integrity of their booth design.

Hall Structure

In the construction of the booth, existing fixtures or walls may not be used in any way (e.g. nailing, wiring or fixing of items to any existing structure).

Work Schedule

Exhibitors and their appointed contractors must strictly adhere to the schedule given by the Organiser. In accordance with the Organiser’s build-up schedule, carpet and main structures must be installed within 24 hours of the commencement date.

Failure to comply with these regulations may result in the delay of installation of electrics and equipment move-in, and any consequential costs incurred will be charged to the exhibitor.

Fire Regulations/Covered Ceilings

All materials used in the stand construction must be fire-retardant in accordance with local regulations.

Floor Covering

All booths must be carpeted or laid with some form of flooring as clear demarcation of contracted space. All carpet and floor covering must be affixed with double-sided tapes. These tapes are to be removed during the dismantling period. The use of paint or other adhesives on the floor of the exhibition hall is strictly forbidden.

Backwall / Sidewalls

With the exception of “island” (4-side open) booths, a backwall must be installed for every booth. Booth with adjoining neighbour(s) must also be installed with the necessary sidewall(s).

Height Restriction

The permitted stand height is 2.5m (8.3ft). Any design for a structure exceeding 2.5m in height must be submitted for approval at least 10 weeks prior to the exhibition and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If approved, this structure will be restricted to a distance of 1 metre (3.28ft) away from the dividing walls of the adjoining stands. This restriction also applies to overhead structure suspended from the existing hall ceiling.

For booths in the exhibition Hall A, the maximum stand height allowed is 4.5m*.

* Depends on its location, individual structure will have different height, so please check with the Organiser if the location of your booth allows the height of 4.5m.

* For booths in Hall A2/ A3, the maximum stand height construction allowed is 4.0m (Perimeter stands is 3.5m)

Open Frontage

All stands in the exhibition, irrespective of height, must have at least half of any frontage facing an aisle left open, or fitted with transparent (clear see-through) material. This area must be left visibly free of obstruction.

Each side of the exhibition stand should not be obstructed for more than 3 metres continuously


At the close of the exhibition, it is the joint responsibility of the exhibitor and contractor to dismantle and remove the stand in accordance with the dismantling schedule specified by the Organiser. All debris and carpets must be cleared by the exhibitors and/or their contractors as per the tear-down schedule given by the Organiser. Failure to do so will result in the contractors/ exhibitors being liable for service fees incurred.

Unforeseen occurrences

In the event of any occurrence not foreseen in these Rules & Regulations, the decision of the Organiser shall be final.

I.C.E Venue Regulations

(a) Exhibitors may appoint their own contractor for stand design and/ or construction subject to them being approved by the Organiser and hall management, I.C.E.

(b) Detailed stand design drawing (elevations, layout plans and perspective views) must be submitted to the Organiser 10 weeks before the show. For double storey stands, this must be submitted 3 months before the show.

(c) All approved contractors must lodge a refundable security deposit, equivalent to USD10.00 per square metre to I.C.E, based on the contracted booth space. Upon approval, the contractors are required to pay fees for contractors’ badges at USD5.00 per badge and management fees of USD6.00 per square metre payable to I.C.E based on the contracted booth space, as per venue regulations. This is to ensure that the rules and regulations of both the Organisers (as contained in this Manual) and I.C.E are abided by and to cover any damages arising directly or indirectly from any infringement. This is without prejudice to any additional claim the Organiser or I.C.E may have on the contractor and/or the exhibitor if the damages exceed the deposit.

NOTE: General Information on page 4 and Exhibition Rules & Regulations on page 6 – 9 should be read together with this form.

Additional Rules & Regulations for Double Storey Stand Construction
  1. The exhibiting company of the lower level of a particular booth must be the same as that of the upper level.
  2. The rental rates for the contracted floor area at the upper level shall be 50% that of the lower level. That is, if the rental rate for the lower level floor area is at the USD610.00 per square metre, the rental rate for the upper level area is check price rate for the lower USD305.00 per square metre.
  3.  Double storey booth will only be allowed provided the minimum contracted floor area for the lower level of the particular booth is 60 square metres and that the minimum length of any dimensions of the area is 6 metres.
  4. The contracted floor area at the upper level shall not exceed 50% of the contracted floor area at the lower level of the particular booth. That is, if the lower level is 60 sqm, the maximum area of upper level is 30 sqm.
  5. Any additional cost incurred in extending the build-up/tear-down period will be fully borne by the exhibitor.
  6. Subject to the ceiling height limitations, all objects exceeding 2.5 metres in height must be placed at a minimum distance of 1 meter from all boundaries adjoining a neighboring booth.
  7. The permissible occupant load of the upper floor shall be based on the ration of one person to 1.5m2. A notice in 25mm plain block letters indicating the limitation of occupant load should be conspicuously positioned at the head of the staircase.
  8. All booth designs and construction must comply with the guidelines, rules and regulations laid down by the relevant government authorities, as well as both the Organiser’s and the exhibition hall owner’s requirements.
  9. Stand designs and layout plans must be submitted to the Organiser at least 3 months prior to the exhibition. The exhibiting company and their appointed contractor must submit in quadruplicate the detailed drawings (to scale in 1:200) with endorsement from a local qualified engineer together with structural calculations of the proposed stand design.
  10. Upon receipt of all relevant information/materials, the Organiser will submit them to the Fire Safety & Shelter Department for comments/approval. The authorities will require some time before reverting with their comments/approval. Late submissions are usually not accommodated.
  11. Only upon approval from all relevant authorities can the exhibiting company commence work on-site.
  12. The booth must be constructed in accordance with the approved design and be ready within the build-up period specified by the Organiser.
  13. The exhibitor shall ensure that the booth is dismantled in a safe, systematic and Organised manner; within the specified dismantling period.
  14. With regards to other issues in general, the rules and regulations stipulated in this Technical Services Manual are still to be complied with.


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